Welcome to the 2019 94 Feet of Madness Tournament. We would like to take this opportunity to provide you with some pertinent information to provide for a more enjoyable experience.

1. Registration- All coaches must pick up their credentials 15 mins prior to their first game at the site of your first game. Please have a copy of your team book to include State ID or Passport, and Report Cards. EACH TEAM WILL RECEIVE 2 COACHES WRISTBANDS PER TEAM.

2. Roster- Players within the same program may play in other divisions as long as they are on the roster and meet age requirements.

3. Schedule - Schedule will be posted late Wednesday night. Check the schedule prior to your first game for any updates/changes.

4. All Players must have on uniforms prior to entering the gym

5. Admission: Fri - $10 Sat $15, Sunday $10. 

6. Protest: $100 protest fee. Protest must be in writing. No protest will be heard during bracket play.

Thank you for supporting 94 FT Series Events.  Schedule link is below.  *Schedule is Final*



Each team must complete a Roster/Score Sheet and provide during check in before first game. 

Roster Sheet

Score Sheet

1. Please check the schedule 1 hr. prior to first game for any changes/updates.

2. We gave best effort to meet all team restrictions.

3. Game Time is Game Time. Check the schedule and ask any questions 1 hr. prior to game if you have any issues or concerns.

4. Players MUST have on uniforms prior to entering the gym.



Thank you,

94ftseries Staff

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